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                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 20 July 2006


20 Jul2006


. This technology allows one to search the web through a mobile device, even when not connected to the Internet.

       . and find what you are looking for anywhere, any time.

. webaroo stores searchable web content on your laptop, PDA or smart phone.

       . Searches run and pages load instantly at memory speed.

       . Webaroo servers scour the web and create web packs.

. This allows one to search the content anytime, any where, without a connection.

. By extracting and caching the best subset of the web, Webaroo makes the web portable and gives you the freedom to use web offline.

       . Webaroo can be downloaded from the web.

. The revenue model is one based on advertisements similar to those of many popular Internet sites.

       . We have had a relatively easy access to funds

. After taking the picture, he device takes about 30 to 40 seconds and reads the page and can store thousands of printed pages.
. And searching and even random information having to scroll through endless lists.

. What one needs then, is a simple way of searching through the sea of data.

. But given the small screens, the endless links and the patchy network services, this is not a just like how your SMS or calls work.

      OnMoile Mobile2Win 

       Text search service

. All you'd need to do is type the name, such as "Eanaa" of "Coldplay", on your phone and you can download the songs instantly.

. Arvind Rao, CEO, OnMobile Google like look and feel other useful information. Mobile2Win

. all one would need to do is send a text message to Mobile 2 Win's Short code as 8588 and receive information.

. Just like you find on the yellow pages. So all your information regarding hardware stores, discount stores, cinema halls and even focal plumbers should be available in a jifty.regarding turning these services into subscription - based service," Rajiv Hiranandani.

Hemen Parekh

Wednesday, 19 July 2006


19 Jul 2006



         . Chris Snijders of Eindhoven University of Technology.

. "As long as you have some history and some quantifiable data from past experiences", Snijders claims, a simple formula will soon outperform a professional's decision - making skills.

. Computer models given the tasks achieved better results in categories like timeliness of delivery, adherence to the budget and accuracy of specification.

. Model was much faster and more accurate than the old system.

. Mathematical models generally make more accurate predictions that humans do. Studies have shown model can better predict the success or failure of a business start - up, and further performance in graduate school.

       . Licking the winning dogs at the racetrack

. The main reason for computers' edge is their consistency Computer model to evaluate stocks.

. Many putative managerial qualities like experience and instution, may in fact be largely issue story, as they develop bad habits that go uncorrected from lack of feedback.

. Meeting in person and poring over dossiers’, are of quality dubious value when it comes to making more   accurate choices, with face - to - face interviews actually degrading the quality of an eventual decision.

. This (Observation) goes against what we are trying to promote, viz : more use of "Face - to - face"     interviewing, using our IIT "(So, obviously, we will NOT quote this report!)

. But, over a period of time, we must develop many statistical "co - relations" between hundreds of          "variables" that we will capture in millions of Job - advts & resumes, in order to be able to "PREDICT", What   career - path / growth path, a given candidate is most likely to achieve, if today, he is

               1) B.E. (Mech)

               2) South Indian

               3) From IIT - Marks

               4) Bachelor

Hemen Parekh

Monday, 10 July 2006


 10 July 2006


·     The shift is likely to anger Samsung, Sony, Creative Technology and other manufactures that were persuaded to use Microsoft's software in their devices, because a Microsoft player would complete with theirs.

This is what happened when

·     IBM / Apple / Company tried to "bypass" their long established declare network and started selling computers directly from their website (to save 15% dealer communication)

·     GM tried to sell cars on its website bypassing dealer network.

·     There was so much opposition from dealers in both cases that the move had to be dropped / withdrawn.

·     Microsoft was only licensing its software to Samsung, Sony, creative. They are NOT Microsoft's dealers. Even then, Microsoft will now become a competitor!

·     This is why, after 6 months, we will either shut down India Recruiter Or Stop further "Registration".

·     We cannot be competition with our own partner websites!