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                                       27 June 2013

Tuesday, 27 January 2004


27 Jan 2004



Its content development centers. These centers will specialize in either a domain, such as banking, or in technology.

Dedicated offshore content development centre for specific clients, This sounds quite like what shailendra was doing at cheers.

Hemen Parekh

Wednesday, 21 January 2004


21 Jan 2004


In the last line of my yesterday’s note, I have laid down a rule 


The way this procedure will work in practice is as follows:

When Asutosh receives any cheque from a client (whether for advance/progress payment/final payment/out of pocket), he will phone the concerned consultant and give following details:

·     Client Name

·     Cheque Details (No/Amount/Date)

After entering these details into appropriate OES Input screens, the consultant will telephonically advise/confirm the entry, whereupon Asutosh will deposit the cheque in the bank.

If you foresee any problems. Place let me know soon.

Hemen Parekh

Tuesday, 20 January 2004


20 Jan 2004



I force partner Program

Thank you for visiting us on 24th inst and for the very useful discussions, re: the possibility of our two organizations collaborating under suns I- force partner program.

During your visit, we had an opportunity to,

·     Show you what we have, so far achieved on www.Rearuitguru.com

·     Share with you our vision of evolving Recruitgiru in to a “Recruitment Process Platform” them development & development of an export system.

As suggested by you, I enclosed, requitguru’s

·     Vision statement

·     Technical write-up.

During our discussions, I also mentioned that we have initiated a dialogue with NCST/C-DAC,

To explore the possibility of collaboration in the development of an export system, drawing upon their experience in “ANWESHAK” – a NLP based software, and our domain expertise in the area of recruitment.

We believe, sun’s Java technology is an ideal platform to build and deploy a webservice (pay-per-use) application. And recruitment being a core business-process for millions of organizations across the world, such an application would become an extremely powerful proof-of concept”, when dealing with your customers. BY being an early adopter of Java-and that too as a webservice, we are, in principle, willing to provide you with such a proof.

I now await to hear from you, in as specific terms as possible, the kind of technical/ marketing and financial support that we can expect under Sun’s partner program.

Hemen Parekh


20 Jan 2004



·     3 main bugs were removed by Dec.2002. Since Jan 2003, it was made possible to use OES in most of the cases, with some rare exceptions.

·     Since then, one year has passed a long enough period for the system to settle down. During this period, I have not received any feedback from anyone re: difficulties/Problems, if any, faced by anyone, in the use of the system.

Since “No news is good news” I presume OES is working fine.

·       Starting Feb 1, I would be asking ath of you (one at a time), to show me all output statements (Reports) of OES re: the assignments handled by you since Jan 2003 or being handled by you currently on my desktop. If you are in arrears, you have 10 days to catch up. From Feb 1 No advance payment cheque will be deposited in the bank, unless consultant concerned, certifies relevant entries in to OES.

Hemen Parekh


Friday, 16 January 2004


16 Jan 2004



·     Enclosed find a tentative overview, After discussing with concerned users in 3P (Nirmit/Mitchelle/SriRam etc), you may wish to firm-up this as a pacca “ Project Plan” in consultation with Abhi/Ansu/Regi/Vikram etc.

·     Please note that “Job mining (#7) & web spider (#6) does not involve vikram/Regi. This is sole responsibility of Abhi/Deepa (who has earlier developed AUTO-CONVERTER, all by herself). This is an offline application in VB. Initially we will only confine ourselves to creation of a “Structured” database of Job advts. Using this database. 7/8 “Applications” eav…developed. But we will not get into development of these applications, until, Someday, we are ready to reap the “benefits” of these applications.

·     Both the spidering & job mining will be totally automatic/offline applications, which would take up, no more than 30 minutes of deepa’s time every day. I am sending Func-Space Folder to Abhi, separately.
·     Without completing item #8 (Abhi’s estimate – 1 week our consultants CANNOT use GuruMine/GuruSearch.

·     Preparing “Revised func.Specs (UIs) for Net OES “is an important first step for you/Sriram/Mitchelle

Hemen Parekh

Monday, 12 January 2004


12 Jan 2004


·     In the already overcrowded e - recruitment market, comes a newly launch product with a different..

·     www.recruitguru.com. There is no huge, upfront annual subscription.

·     Its service can be activated with a nominal activation - fee.

·     It is a pay - per - use or pay - when - use or tariff based self - service, much like a prepaid SIM card of a cell phone.

·     The subscriber can customize what services he wants to use and when.

·     A transparent and powerful Admin Tool (Flight Deck) places entire control in the hands of the subscriber.

·     He can monitor and modify usage - pattern of all the "authorized" recruitment managers of his company at any time and in any manner of his choice.

·     Subscribers can create their own private/ secure resume databases on RecruitGuru (which no one else can access).

·     Artificial intelligence based, self - convert plain email resumes into a structured and searchable database, without  human intervention ! So thousands of email resumes accumulated by a corporate over the years, overnight get  transformed into a database.

·     Now instead of re - advertising same or similar vacancies again and again, all that the subscriber needs to do, is to search his own or secure database, using RecruitGuru's powerful search engine.

·     This one feature alone can save lakh of rupees in advertising cost, annually.

·     As its homepage proclaims, it could well be heralding in the future of recruitment web services.


Thursday, 8 January 2004


8 Jan 2004



·     Only 1200 resumes got extracted during last 24 hours! & presume all of these belong to 3P. Recruitguru is supposed to be capable of extracting (let us say “Processing”) 900,000 per day! (@ 1200/hours x 24 hours x 30 subscriber connections, at a time)

As soon as a no of subscribers start real free trial, this (Speed) will become a major constraint.

·     There are some typo errors on various pages. These must be removed soon.

Hemen Parekh


8 Jan 2004


Despite a proliferation of jobsites on the internet during last 10 years, recruitment on the ground still remains more of an art than a science.

It is true that jobseekers can now

·     Post their resumes on jobsites

·     Conduct Job searches

·     Receive Job-alerts

·     Apply On-line

But there are thousands of jobsites. It is humanly impossible to daily visit even 5 jobsites. So, if anything, thousands, of jobsites, boating lakhs of job-openings, have made a jobseeker’s life for more miserable than ever before! Form an acute information-starvation  (of the newspaper era), a jobseeker now suffers from an abundance of information –overload (in the internet ara).

It is not a uch different situation for a Corporate employer. He too, can go to the world wide web, (jobsites) and

·     Post job-advts.

·     Conduct resume database searches

·     Receive candidate-alerts

·     Send –out interview-call emails.

His predicament is only many times worse than that of a jobseeker’s!

Whereas, in the good old newspaper days he used to get 50 resume against his advertisement, now he gets 500! And most of these are unstructured email resumes which are thoroughly “unsearchable”. Posting a job-advt on 5 jobsites simultaneously, only worsens the problem.

So, a recruitment manager too suffers from a surfeit of information!
Neither the jobseeker nor the recruitment manager realizes that mere information is not knowledge! A ton of information cannot substitute for an ounce of knowledge. What both need are Expert systems, which would shift & sieve tons of information and come-up with “answers” to the following questions:-


For –and on behalf of the recruitment managers, the Expert system will arrive at following “decisions”.

1.  How to advertise? Where to advertise? When to advertise?

2.  Which/ how many applicants to call for interview?

3.  Where to call candidates for interview?

4.  When to call candidates for interview?

5.  What salary to be offered to selected candidates, without upsetting “internal apple-cart”?

6.  What “designation” to be offered to selected candidate?

7.  Who should be the interview-experts?

8.  Whom to consult for “antecedents”?

9.  What questions to ask? What tests to be administered?


Acting as “Agent of a jobseeker,

The expert system will take following decisions or advice on:

1.  Which job advts are best “match” with his skills and therefore worth applying to?  

2.  Which companies are engaged in similar products/services as his current employer/

3.  In relation to peers/ co-professionals of same age/experience/education/designation etc, where does he “ stand” (percentile) in respect of annual salary? What salary/designation should be bargain for?

4.  Before appearing for an interview, what info/ data/statistics should be compile and study about the prospective employer? Where would he find such info/data/statics?

5.  How should he “customize his resume when applying to different companies?

6.  What are the “probabilities” of his getting shortlisted/selected against a given job-advt?

7.   Which companies could be in need for a person with his background-even though they may not have advertised such vacancies?
These are just a few of the questions to which, jobseekers and recruiters are desperately trying to find answers-and mostly failing. The reasons are as follows:

·     Massive database (corporate Profiles/Job-advts/resumes etc) are lying scattered all over internet. Some are structured but most are not.
·     These database are not easily accessible.

·     “Decision-rules” to convert these databases into “actionable knowledge” (with probabilities of success of each action configured  there advanced statistical analysis), do not exist. No systematic attempt has been reported anywhere in the world, to construct such “decision-rules” which mimic the “logic” used by the jobseekers’ and recruiters brains.

·     Then again, no human brain (either a jobseekers or a recruiters) can process terabytes of data using thousands of “decision-rules” to uncover/reveal relationship “patterns” amongst hundreds of “variables, in any reasonable period of time!

And the situation is getting worse by the day as business megatrends (see Annex: A) gather momentum. These have very real potential to overwhelm and paralyze human endeavors.

Fortunately for mankind, a parallel  set of megatrends are evolving in the area of Information Technology (see Annex: B), which hold the promise of coping with the business megatrends. These technologies are developing rapidly. The only limitation is mankind’s ability-and willingness-to exploit these technologies.

At Recruitguru, our vision is to develop and deploy Expert systems and provide a platform (in the form of www.recruitguru.com) where “Virtual agents” of millions of jobseekers will search-out/interact/negotiate with virtual agents of thousands of recruitment managers, to help their “owner-masters” reach mutually beneficial exchange of services & benefits.


Business Megatrends

·     Acceleration of services/knowledge based industries

·     Freer movement of business resources. 

1.  Finance

2.  Manpower

3.  Knowledge (Information/Databases)

·     Unprecedented creation of massive database on internet

·     E-commerce becoming a way of life

·     Higher productivity of resource-utilization

·     Much more competitive business environment

·     Much more out sourcing of non-core business processes, leaving management free to concentrate on development of core-competencies.

·     Information overload on unprecedented scale

·     Reduced business-travels as a result of video-conferencing.

·     Remote working from home

·     Free-lancing/manpower on tap

·     Instead of cross border movement of professionals, emergence of cross border movement of job (especially information/content based jobs)

·     More level-playing ground for developing countries under WTO.


·     Broadband Infrastructure

·     Ubiquitous coireless networks on all types of devices

·     Video –conferencing (real time collaboration Tools)

·     Video – conferencing (real time collaboration Tools)

·     Voice data Video

·     Storage-Area networks

·     Superfast computers

·     Nano-technology leading to pervasive computing

·     Merger of TV & computer

·     Wireless phones overtaking landline phones

·     AI & Neuralnet based Export systems to replace adhoc decision making in all walks of life.

Hemen Parekh