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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       27 June 2013

Tuesday, 30 September 2003


30 Sep 2003



We have agreed that next week, you will actively help 3P's consultants to Extract 80000 / 100,000 resumes & create their PRIVATE structured database on Recruitguru

·     Carry - out online searches using Guru Search & transfer search - results to EXCEL - OES.

But what we cannot considered so far, is

·     Can we get our consultants to send to all their corporate clients, only the Image Builder version of resumes (-instead of the Executive Resume/ Converted Bio data, which they are sending out currently)?

 If you can succeed in this, implications are far - reaching, viz.

·     At a low level, we will save time spent by Vittal/ Samata in converting biodata’s, whenever requested by consultants.

·     It will also speed - up the delivery of such resumes to clients (since Image Builders would be readily available) - no waiting for Vittal/ samata.

But, beyond that, imagine what this (sending of Image Builders in place of Executive Resumes) could do to your marketing of Recruitguru.

If 3P has currently 25 clients (current assignments), then it means that these 25 corporate - clients will start receiving Image Builders with immediate effect. (of course, consultants will have to ensure that no fields are missing. Consultants will definitely have to email the Image Builders, first, to respective candidates, asking them to fill in the 


Selection, thoroughly/ completely & return back to 3P.

We know that Recruitguru is unable to capture career - History details)

Obviously each image builder being sent out to only client, would have to be complete in all respects.

If an incomplete Image Builder gets sent - out, it will do immense harm to 3P's reputation!

On the other hand, if the Image Builder being sent - out is complete in ALL respects, them it cannot fail to impress the clients ! They have never before seen anything like this ! especially the


and, of course, the keywords.

when clients receive these Image Builders, they are bound to pick - up the phone and inquire with the concerned 3P consultants.

·     What is the meaning of Function Exposure Profile ? What do Raw score/ percentile/ sample - size etc. signify?

·     Where id 3P manage to get such an Image Builder version? (Even though, below each Function Profile graph, we are writing in small fonts "Developed by www.Recruitguru.com")

And 10 consultants of 3P will provide explanations to 25 clients of 3P ! And they would do a damm good job (of providing the virtues of the Image Builder) - since consultants are keen that the client gets correct/ favourable "understanding" & gets sufficiently " influence" (by the Image - Builder) to call their candidates for an interview (the first hurled to appointment).

In short, in respect of those 25 companies,
You have succeeded in appointing 10


(non only free ! - they are playing you for use of Recruitguru ! !)

Of course, one thing is very clear

3P will NOT send any Image Builder to any of its client, if the top part of Image Builder carries, Recruitguru Name/ Logo !

And this replacement / attachment should be automatic for each & every Image Builder.

·     Only once (first time) 3P should create an "Image File" for this strip & insert it into the software (Guru Mine). You  will re call that, we even decided to charge Rs. 5000/- one time, for this facility!

·     of each Image Builder, so the client knows when he  received this resume.

·     From the modified TOP STRIP, client knows which placement agency sent this resume. This is very important, because clients will, very likely, receive same candidates resume from many placement agencies.    

·     I believe, more than 50 placement agencies have registered for FREE TRIAL.

·     It is safe to assume that each of them has, at least 20 current clients.

·     That makes a total of 1000 corporate!

·     Let us also assume that, each placement agency on an average, sends out 50 resumes per week / 200 per month.

·     So, 50 placement agencies, would be sending out, each month, some 50 X 200 = 10,000 resumes to 1000 companies.

·     And if, each of these 50 placement agencies, on an average, has 2 consultants each,
·     that translates into a total of 100 consultants sending out 10,000 resumes/ months to 1000 clients


Then answering / telling these 1000 HR managers,

·     What is Image Builder

·     What is significant from about it

·     How it is different from ordinary resumes

·     & how it will save their cost/ time.

·     Where can you get "Image Builders" ?

So, suddenly, you have managed to recruit 100 Brand Ambassadors!


By promoting Image Builders, are, intern, promoting Recruitguru !

And when an actual "user" (read customer) promotes your product, he is more creditable as compared to yourself. After all, you are an "interested/ biased" partly !

·     In essence, you are leveraging these 50 placement agencies in your, marketing drive - you are, literally, "enlisting" them. Thru them you are reaching out to 1000 potential clients!

·     Now imagine, if you are able to get 500 placement agencies to become regular subscribers of Recruitguru. They will spread you marketing message to 10,000 corporate !

·     Take a look at enclosed advt. Which I found in today's issue of BMA magazine. You should talk to Mehul kuwadia & give him a demo of Recruitguru online.

·     Whereas, I agree that you should focus on those 100 large, Bombay based software firms, you should, in parallel, also focus on the 1500 placement agencies to whom we had sent out 2/3 emails (re : project BARTER).
·     Once they find that Recruitguru is actually Launched and that, they can, straight away, start using it within minutes of registering for free trial, then, I feel, many more will come forward.

·     Please remember that, just like those 100 large software companies, these 1500

Placement agencies, too,

·     Are computer / internet savvy

·     Are used to advertising their vacancies on jobsites (as per Monster's estimate, 70% of all advts. released on jobsites, belong to placement agencies)

·     Are used to getting thousands of email resumes & have built - up huge resume databases on their PCs.

But, where these placement agency owners CRITICALLY differ from Recruitment Managers of 100 large software Companies, is


These owners are motivated by the money they can earn. So, they will not miss a single opportunity to "monetize"  their resume databases. They would want to leverage their databases in EVERY WHICH WAY THEY CAN. Enclosed advt. of Grey Cells is an example in case.

This "Motivation", this "greed for money" is missing when it comes to professional recruitment managers, employed by Companies. Sure, if they do an excellent job of recruiting, they can look forward to a double increment at the end of the year ! But, at best, the "cause / effect" relationship (between performance & reward) is, nebulous/ tentative uncertain.

·     In them, the crucial element of "Self interest" is missing. It is very difficult to motivate such persons to adopt  Recruitguru ! At best, they are passive neutral / lukewarm / disinterested.

·     For professional recruitment managers, the answer is rather unclear to the question,

"What is in it for me?"

To a placement agency answer, you don't need to provide an answer to this question.

·     When Mehul kuwadia, sees you demo, his brain is highly "trained" to figure out, in matter of seconds, umpteen  different ways in which he can make "money" thru use of Recruitguru !
·     Where "Professionals" can only "See" just one more recruitment software / just one more application, a business -  owner will see one more way to make "more money" !



Monday, 29 September 2003





       . Tariff Card

       . Transaction Selection

       . How much to Remit

       . Transaction Value Worksheet

       . Subscription Payment Form

       . User Authorisation

       . Transaction Usage (Daily - Monthly)

       . Session - Log History

       . User License Fee Payment History

       . Transaction Fee Payment History

       . Transaction Fee Credit Balance

       . Transaction Usage statistics

       . Break - up of Resume Database

       . User Access - Rights Customization

Dear Subscriber

       . Welcome aboard and take control.

You are piloting this flight and this is your FLIGHT DECK

Using the control instruments listed alongside, you will be able to guide this flight, from take - off to a safe landing.

. The web - Analytics presented in each of these instruments enable you to make informed & intelligent decisions.

These help you make “Course - Corrections" as your Recruitment Activity,   Suddenly Picks - up (or even goes down) - and you can make these corrections, instantly. At every point of time, you know

       . Where you have been in the past

       . Where you are at present

       . Which direction you are headed

       . What you ought to be doing

. And all along you are extremely "Fuel Efficient" - paying for only what you use & when you use! No upfront, lumpsum subscription - payment of Rs. 2 lakhs each to 3 jobsites - irrespective of usage.

. Whether you plant ot recruit 20 persons / yr or 2000 Persons / year, whether your are recruiting for one ocation or ten locations (around the world - too), whether you have 5 recruiting managers or 50 managers, this FLIGHT - DECK gives you fingertip control of your total recruitment process - 24 hours X 365 days.

Good Luck !

Statement Name / UI

       1. Pay per user tariff table (menu - card)

       2. Transaction selection page

       3. How much to Remit? Explanatory note

       4. Transaction value worksheet (First/ Repeat)

       5. Subscription Payment Form (First/ Repeat)

       6. User Authorisation (Add - Delta - Edit)

       7. Transaction Usage (Daily - Monthly)

       8. Session - Log History

       9. User License Fees Payment History

       10. Transaction Fees payment History

       11. Transaction Fees Credit Balance

       12. Transaction usage statistics

       13. Breakup of my private Resume Database

       14. Authorised users access Rights Customization

    Rules/ Regulations/ Terms

       . Our webservice is PRE - PAID.

. To become a regular subscriber, you will need to pay in advance

       . Activation Fee

       . User License Fee

. Transaction Fee [RS. 5000 / 100 - or more, based on your estimated usage]

       . Correct sequence to follow is


. All payments are non - refundable

. Balance Amount (if any) on Transaction Fee a/c cannot be carried forward, unless Annual User

License Renewal Fee is paid.

. You will receive an email intimation when balance amount in you Transaction Account is less than           Rs. 5000/ - 100.

. Service will be stopped if Translator Account Credit Balance becomes NIL.

. Additional Transaction Fees can be paid on RECHARGE YOU ACCOUNT page, where you can also see your credit balance.

Rules/ Regulations/ Terms (cont.)

        . Several "Transactions" are currently Shown as "FREE".

We reserve the right to make these "PAID" and charge you for using the same, at anything in future. When we so decide, you will get an email indication, of the date from which, these "free"
transaction will become "paid" - as also the among / sum that you will be charged for use of these, from the date indicated.

. Of course, in case you do not wish to use their transaction (- and get charged for same) You will need to go back to your "TRANSACTION SELECTION" page and unclick (deactivate) such transaction.

You will be able to do so thru your

. Even otherwise, you have absolute freedom /choice to activate / de - activate / re activate, usage of any pay  - per - use transaction, at anytime, thru your own TRANSACTION SELECTION page

. We reserve the right to increase / decrease, the pay - per - use / per - transaction tariff for one/ more of the "PAID" transactions shown on this page, at anytime in future. Such revisions will be displayed on this page and will apply to all potential / new subscribers.

. As far as our exciting subscribers are concerned, these revised rates will become effective for any additional / repeat payment made by them, using


. This policy ensures that, in case of an upward revision n tariff (if any transaction), you CUSTOMER ACCOUNT will continue to be debited, at the old / lower rates, as far as transaction - fees already paid, is concerned. Of course, this also means that, you do not benefit in case, any tariff is reduced/ revised downward!

. But no matter which way is the revision (upward or downward), existing subscribers will be intimated thru an email

. This also means that, at any given point of time, we will at most have only TWO concurrent "Transaction - Free" payments, viz.

. Old one where credit - balance has reduced to less than Rs. 5000 (Or 100/e)
. New one where transaction - debiting will start, only after the old one stands reduced to NIL.

. In other words, there will be no debiting of TWO CONCURRENT payments at the same time.
Old one has to stand reduced to ZERO, before the new one Kirks - in!

. From time - to - time, we will also add totally "New" transactions which will add transactions value to your recruitment process. These may be "Paid" or "Free"

. We will announce these, thru email to all existing subscribers. If they feel like making use of these, they will be able to "activate" these transactions from "TRANSACTION SELECTION" page

. Of course, as soon as these are added, same will get uploaded on this page, so that potential subscribers can see the same.


. Select transactions that you wish to use by clicking on check - boxes / then submit. You will be billed only for these from the date clicked.

. Those not selected will get transferred to right side - box automatically. If you wish to select any of these at failure date, simply select in right side box/ submit.

Automatically these will get transferred to left some box.

       . No need to click transaction. Marked "Free"



. Whenever a new transaction is introduced, it will be displayed on this side, and an email will be sent to you. If you wish to use it click on check box and submit, to transfer to left side box.

. Whenever a FREE transaction is made PAID, it will get transferred to this side & an email sent to you. To use it click on check box & submit to transfer to left side box.


Total Amount to be remitted can be arrived at by adding up following

For First time Remittance

PART A Transaction - Fees

. Some transactions are currently "FREE", but most others are "PAID". IN course of time, more will be added.

. You need to pay a fixed amount for use of each PAID transaction. These amounts are shown in the TARRIF CARD.

. From time - to - time you can select / de - select the transactions that you want to use. Obviously you will be able to use - and pay for - only those transactions which are selected, at any given point of time.

. For each transaction "selected, you will need to make an estimate of the "No of times: you are likely to use that transaction, during - say - next 3 months. Then mutually this "NO" with relevant Tariff, to arrive at transaction - value.

Then add up all transaction - values, to arrive at TOTAL, to be remitted.


For Periodic Repeat remit once to replenish your account

. Our software will keep track of your usage (transaction - wise), and dynamically compute "Average Monthly Usage (in Nos.  & in value)"

. The software will automatically & continuously transfer these usages, in your personal.


. Of course, you will be able to edit this work sheet in case you expect the next 3 months usage to increase/decrease, and re - compute the amount you wish to remit. Work - sheet is only to help you but finally it is  your judgment/ decision.

PART B User Licenses Fees

For First time Remittance

. Rs. 5000/ = per user (i.e. the number of executives from your company that you want to be able to use this service)
Eg. If you want 3 executives to use, this service you need to remit. Rs. 15000 (3 X 500)

For Periodic repeat remit once to repulsing your account

. Rs. 2000/= per user per year payable when each user completes 12 months of usage from last payment.


For First Time Remittance

. Rs. 5000 / = per customer (Company). This is a fixed one time, lump - sum fee to give you your customer No. & activate your account For periodic repeat remit once to replenish your account

       . NONE

TRANSACTION VALUE WORKSHEET (For Computing Remittance - First or Repeat]

. Before you fill in (in last button column)" you estimate of usage for next month's, it will be useful to take a fresh look TRANSACTION SELECTION PAGE to see if you wish to add any more transaction to your "Selected" list. You can use this work - sheet even if you are making payment for the  TIME - in which case, "Last/ Next usage columns will be blank and you will need to fill - in only the last - but - one column viz = "Your Estimate"