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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Wednesday, 23 July 2003


23 Jul 2003


The New Currency of Recruitment

If plain/ unstructured email resumes are the OLD currency of recruitment, then the Image Builders are the NEW currency.

It is our objective/ goal, to replace all the old resumes. With that new resumes i.e. replace all plain/ unstructured resumes with the Image Builder Resumes.

Replace all old currency - notes in circulation with the new currency notes.

Whether, the old notes are lying with

·     Jobseekers

·     Jobsites

·     Placement Agencies

·     Employer

·     HR consultants

·     How can we do this?

·     How long will it take?

·     What will motivate the "old - currency" holders to come forward to exchange with the "New - Currency"?

·     At how many places, can we /shall we organize, such "exchange" to take place?

      (No. of currency - Exchange - Counters).

·     Why should any organisation (whether a jobsite / a placement agency/ HR consultant/ ultimate employer) want to become our "Currency - Exchange - Counter"?

What is in it for him? How does he stand to gain?

·     If we are to solely depend upon the jobseekers only to visit recruitguru.com. & exchange their old resumes with new (image builders), then how long will it take? How can we entice/ lure them to come forward in large numbers?  What incentive can we offer them? 

·     Companies which first build - up Countryside, worldwide, distribution network (dealers/ agents/ stockiest/franchises etc) for their goods/ services.

and then (subsequently), set - up DIRECT SELLING from their own website, ran into serious problems.

Distributors saw a "threat" in this move. They felt, these companies were trying to save their distribution - COSTS (declares' commissions) by passing them & booking orders DIRECTLY on their website !

These companies are having a tough time, convincing their dealers/ distributors, whom, the cannot ditch in any case!

The companies NEED these dealers for 

·     Physical distribution/ logistics support

·     After - sales - service etc.

But Company like DELL COMPUTERS, adopted a DIRECT - SELLING MODEL, from Day ONE !

DELL never appointed a single database so they had no problem - no "vested" interests to resist model change!

Purpose of this digression

In order to speed - up the currency - switch if we think of roping in many jobsites/ placement agencies/ HR consultants etc by "Licensing our GURUMINE/ GuruSearch"

(Where, each agent makes some money - a commission - either from us, or from the jobseeker),

They will strongly resent / oppose any more on our part at DIRECT SELLING ! They will gang - up, against us (from a labour UNION !).

Of course no one knows what will work & what will not work on internet. We must continue to experiment/ continue to analyze the results & continue "course correction", as we go along.

Most important thing is that obsession with "in - depth analysis", must not result into "action - paralysis".


Thursday, 17 July 2003


17 Jul 2003



DO you have a mountain of unstructured email resumes? - thousands and thoroughly "unsearchable"?

·     Would you like to convert these into a structured / searchable database? - also each resume to look like attachment?

·     Our GuruMine, Artificial Intelligence Software can do just that - at the rate of 1000 / hour!

·     Within next 4/6 weeks, you will get to use this personal analytics software on our website www.Recruitguru.com

·     Login now and register for a 30 days Free Trial, Absolutely free - no obligations.

·     During these 30 days.

·     Convert into a structured/ searchable data base, all those plain email resumes lying buried on your hard disk.

·     This will be your own PRIVATE / SECURE database, which no one - not even us -

can access. Only you can access, using your User ID/ Password.

·     If you wish, you can even download on your local PC, all of these converted resumes.

·     Conduct any number of "searches" and shortlist candidates. Then send out interview - call emails.

·     Download on your local PC, Recruitguru's database of over 60,000 resumes! Free! Why should you pay in advance Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 Lakh to other jobsites, by way of "subscription"

·     And, if you are not overjoyed at the end of 30 days Free Trial, you have no obligation to Subscribe the ménage amount of Rs. 5000/= for continuing to use over Pay per Use Recruitment Webservice - 

    So, Register Now.

    You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Wednesday, 16 July 2003


16 July 2003



Best place to start is with our own past/existing clients. Out of these, we should get 30/40 (big daddys) to register online and quickly.

The moment they submit online registration form, their names will appear on a page called.
“List of corporate registered for free Trial”

Seeing manes of reputed/large corporate, would encourage, thousands of others (small/medium companies to whom we will be sending out mass emails) to register.

Enclosed final draft email (or should it be a personally signed, typed –laser printed individual letter?) 

That consultants may send out to the clients they (each) are currently handling or has handled in past.

Unless you wish to divide list amongst 3 of you I have asked Asutosh to compile the list.

Thursday, 3 July 2003


3 July 2003



·     You told me that you were ready with a “Quote” from DSL & tat you & Abhi have discussed it with Nirmit.

·     You also said that, from the moment we release our order, DSL will take 2 Wks to connect.

·     I understand decision is to continue with existing 64 Kbps like in existing office & connect new 128 kbps line at the new office where Tech. team will move.

·     We are likely to take possession of an 8th floor flat in the opposite building on next Tuesday (8th). Then it may take 2 wks to break some walls/re-plaster/repaint/fix power & LAN cables/fix wall-mounted tables for work-stations/fix a/c etc.. That takes us to 23rd.

·     Please co-ordinate with all concerned (including with Dharmishtaben-our Interior Designer), to ensure that all above mentioned jobs-inclu.  
   getting / fixing 128 kbps line – positively gets over by 23rd Actual shifting must take place on 26th /27th list.

Wednesday, 2 July 2003


02 Jul 2003


The free trial (30 days) that we plan to offer is the price that we pay to promote our webservice.

But, we must, quantitatively, know what the exact price that we are paying is.

This is quite simple

During the 30 day trial period, each Company would carry - out some transactions of different types. We are already "counting" the "no. of transactions" of each type.
Then tabulate a SUMMARY

Price For Promotion

This summary table will tell us

·     Revenue loss due to free trial (individual Company wise & cumulative, as of any date)

·     Amount (of loss) "re coupled"/ "re - covered" thru company/ companies becoming regular subscribers, at the end of free trial.

It is also possible that the "Rupee Value of free trial usage", could throw some light on "Usage Patterns" of different companies.

(--- all free trial subscribers are quite unlikely to have the same/ similar/ identical patterns of usage of different transactions. Some may do more "conversions" but less "searches" whereas some others may have exactly opposite pattern of usage. Such analysis will be very useful.

From individual/ collective "usage patterns" (transaction - wise), during free trial period we may be able to extrapolate / predict, future "usage - patterns", statistically.

Any "Prediction" based on a more 30 day "Sample - size", may not be, statistically "significant" to begin with.  However we are going to compile - and graphically plot - each transaction - usage, every month.

So, our sample - size, keeps growing forever and the accuracy of our predictions, will keep improving, with each passing month!

Being able to predict the likely trend the likely no. of transactions - for next 3 months (a kind of monthly rolling forecast), is VERY IMPORTANT for us, from following viewpoints.

·     We can predict the "likely" load on our webserver & our land width & will be able to take advance steps to gear - up.

·     We will be able to predict our "Cash Inflow", profitability/ tax - planning etc.

·     We will be able to do "Resource - Planning".