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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Monday, 30 June 2003



30 June 2003


When we adopt a “pre-paid, pay-per-use” model for our webservice, we are accepting a legal liability to our clients, to deliver “X” amount/value of “Services” (measured in, no. of transactions x tariff rate).

It is nice to have a “negative customer outstanding /a negative working capital, but this model carries responsibilities / liabilities.

 On our balance sheet, “Cash Inflow” & “Income” are two different things. “Income” is only the services actually delivered, at any point of time.

Cash Inflow-Services delivered =Balance Liabilities.

Please read enclosed notes for implementation.

All of these must be done in V.I.O> itself.

Never mess around with your financial matters.

Be crystal clear / transparent from day one!


Temporary Registration for FREE TRAIL

Sr. No.
Company Name
Executive Name
Executive Designation
Date Register


For placement Agencies, this date will be the date on which, they send us their (EMAIL) ACCEPTANCE FORM for our BARTER SCHEME.

Please ensure that whatever data/fields are required to be filled-in for

Are also incorporated in the


We have decided to treat every BARTER ACCEPTOR as an “Early Adopter” and automatically show his name on “List of Early Adopters” page.

Column’s 1, 2 & 3 can be made visible to all VISITORS to our website.

Column’s 4,5 & 6 only we can see

Statistics (FREE TRIAL)

We would need to know following fig’s.

-    How many joined

-    How many completed “Free Trail”

-    Out of those, who completed “Free Trial”,

·     How many converted to “Regular subscriber’

·     How many “backed –out” altogether after trial.

(We need to know the “yield %”). We need to create an ongoing separate database of companies which backed out after free trial, so that we can launch an email campaign to “convince” them & get feedback from them re: “Why”?

And we need to get this info for

·     Any day (of any month)

·     Any month (of any year)

·     Cumulative (within a month)

·     Cumulative (within a year)

After first month (viz: Sept.), both, “Free Trial” registrations and “Regular” registrations, would be taking place simultaneously, every day.
So, we must have similar 2 graphs for “Regular Registrations” also.


Data picked-up from free Trial Form

Data picked up from Regular regi. form
Asutosh to enter this column upon receipt of cheque/DD
Sr, No.
Company Name
Free Trial Registration
If became Regular Subscriber

Start Date
End Date
Cheque/DD No. & date
Amount Rs.
Asutosh created on date

Money comes in only when companies who have registered for FREE TRIAL, become regular subscribers, at the end of the trial (or even before 30 days are over), by sending chaque/DD & entering these details (check No/DD No. / Date Amount/bank drawn on etc.) in the
Regular Registration Form

From these details, a tabulation, as shown on P=3, must get automatically generated, as soon as a corporate fills-up the regular Registration form only the last column will remain blank, until Asutosh received the cheque/DD thru courier.

When he does using his password, he will access. This tabulation & enter the “date” in last column.

But the tabulation will also be accessible to kartayvya / Abhi / HCP / NHP who can, look-up & find out at a glance what “amount” of payments are dispatched / in pipe-line but still not received.

If it is more than 7 days, since dispatch of cheque / DD / by corporate (we insist thru courier),then Abhi can/must pick-up phone & talk to the client, saying we have not received the cheque so far! He should decide, based on clients feedback, whether to allow client to continue to use our webservice or to suspend it temporarily & send an email to client accordingly.

“Overall” subscription amount to be broken –up as

-    Activation Charges – Rs. 5000/- per Member corporate

-    No. of Licenses charges – Rs. 1000/- per person authorized

-    Transition Charges – Whatever amt Member chooses to pay

From total of “actual transactions” carried-out by all members, in a given month, we can arrive at,

“Balance value of Transaction services charge”

Remaining to the credit of :

·     A particular Subscriber:
This is what a particular subscriber would like to see-as a monthly tabulation:

·     All subscribers put together:
This is what we would like to see at any point of time, in a graphical manner.

For us this “Balance Amt” represents the “value of Services” yet to be delivered by us.

It (this amount) is, kind of a “Liability of the company.

(Cash Inflow – value of services delivered)

= Balance liability of company 

We should be able to see/view this for any particular customer or for all customers put together


As on any date.



Kartavya, Abhi, Nagwekar, Inder
In my notes "NATURE OF OUR BUSINESS"   (Dt. 08-04-1994),
I said,
Our business will have 2 wheels,
       . Information Technology
       . Telecom Technology
Telecom will be the second wheel of our Chariot.
Our business will be based/ centered around "Super highways of Information Flow"
But I wrote this before Internet/ Telecom revolution had reached the shored of India.
But 9 years later, things are looking up !
Now, we have 3.5 million internet connections (-but quite likely 30 million email IDs) and over 6 million cell – phone connections, growing at 2 million/ year.
There are, also 80 million TV sets, of which, some 40 million have cable connections - all of which, will get a set -top box in next 3/5 years.
ICE (Information - Communication - Entertainment) is poised to be the fastest growing industry. Most of the investment is being made in this sector.
Telephone companies are diversifying into providing Internet Services - but giving "Connectivity" does not earn much revenue. It has become a "Commodity" business - or, will soon become.
 And Cell - phones lines (Connections) will grow many times faster than landline connections. Cost per line is much cheaper (to install). Cell phone prices are dropping too.
Within next 4 years, teledensity will go up from 5/100 to 7/100 of population. Cell - phone tariffs are dropping (-although lowest in the world).
In last 3 months, average usage of Cell - phones has gone up from 400 minutes / month Everyone owns his/ her voice & can deliver to another cell phone.
But very few 9only companies) have DATA, which can be delivered over cell - phone.
Cell - phone companies are desperately searching for DATA CONTENT, in order to differentiate from competitors.
If they cannot manage to get some "Competitive
advantage" thru such differentiation, they would face tough time.
And this is our opportunity.
Enclosed tabulation shows what "Content" we can make available to cell - phone companies, which could be of great interest to cell - phone users.
To begin with "delivering job - alerts on SMS".
(Can we, quickly find - out, how many of our resumes, contain "Mobile No’s? - even though we may not - certainly do not - know, who are the "service - providers" - unless, we can figure that out from the "Numbering System).
Initially, we will offer such content FREE to cell - phone companies. If they have to pay for such content, they may shy away.
 And of course, we must not have an exclusive tie - up with just one cell - phone company. We will offer similar content to all cell - phone companies.
And let them decide whether they wish to.
Give away the content "Free", in order to increase their "Subscriber - base"
they wish to charge something for each job - alert delivered.
In making "Job - alert" available over cell - phone, we are selling "Convenience" to the young job set crowd, whose biggest problem is that they are on - the - move all the time & have hardly time to connect to internet / open mail box/ look - up job alert.
 And to be able to receive on SMS job - alert, when you are in the company of friends/ colleagues/ relatives, can be a tremendous EGO BOOSTER !
Now, you are showing off to all your friends/ colleagues/ relatives, that
Once Kartavya confirms that we ca deliver such content, technologically in X days), let Inder speak to Mr. Sandip Das (Orange) - a good friend of Nirmit.