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                                       27 June 2013

Saturday, 31 May 2003


Kartavya, Nagwekar, Abhi, Inder
This is further to my note "The Second - wheel" of yesterday.
My detailed thoughts on the subject are jotted down, in the margins of chapter on "LUCK", from book DO COMO (Copy enclosed). You may find it useful to just glance thru the underlined paras & my notes.
One technical point, which I am unable to understand, is,
"Do we really need to tie - up with cell - phones (GSM/ CDMA type)? If cell - owner can simply log into our website - using internet - connect feature of GSM/ CDMA phone then how does service provider come into the picture? Once a customer gets connected to internet, cell phone service - provider has no SAY in the matter, as to what the user accesses (which site) & what he downloads".
Can you Pl. Clarify?


Sunday, 25 May 2003


Kartavya, Abhi, Inder

"To be wanted" is a strong human emotion. It gives depth/ meaning to existence. "Self esteem" of a person depends upon how much he is wanted/ how much he is in demand.

Devoid/ deprived of this feeling (of being wanted), a person builds up all negative emotions (anger/ frustration/ jealousy/ hate etc).

But, when this feeling (of being wanted) is strengthened / re - in forced, a person builds - up positive emotions (Love/ Sympathy/ Help fullness).

The feeling of being wanted, in facts a person's ego & increases his "Self Esteem".

To make Global Recruiter a resounding success, we must interweave strong human emotions into its fabric.

Global Recruiter must skill fully employs

Strong human emotions to capture the imaginations of both, the recruiters & the job seekers.

 And we must "exploit" technology to this purpose.

Let us examine how we can exploit the feeling of "being wanted" amongst the jobseekers.

If I am a professional, (employed or unemployed), what would

       . Worry me most?

       . Lift my mood, the most?

If I am employed, losing my job would worry me the most.

If, at the same time, knowing that 17 other companies are "looking for me" (wanting me), would lift my mood, to ends!

May not be "me" - by name (Prakash Mehta), but someone quite like me - could even be me !

I suddenly realize that "I am wanted / I am in demand/ I am sought after".

All, I need to know that, on this 25th of May 2003, there are as many as 17 jobs (from 17 companies) which match     my resume so well (- what percentile match?), that I could simply walk in
In any of these 17 companies and simply land a job!

Such knowledge would boost my ego! I am good enough to bee "Wooed”! - And if the "suitor" wooing me is handsome (read, a large / reputed company),then I am in the seventh heaven!!

And, it is so simple / easy (technology - wise) to arouse" such a powerful emotion in the mind/ soul of a Jobseeker.

We already have a "Job - alert" software which matches

    . A given Job - advt.


    . A given resume

And this match - making takes place, once a day, on our jobsite.

 All the new/ fresh job - advts, being posted during the last 24 hours are "matched" with all the resumes in the database, and "job - alerts" get emailed to each resume - owner.

I believe, the software takes into account only the "incremented" job - advts. Being posted on our website, during last 24 hours. This was a sensible thing to do, in order

 . Not to overload the server

. Not to flood the candidates with job - alerts for the same job - advts. Again & again.

But, whereas, we may think of continuing this sensible/ practical approach, we could also think of introducing a

"You are wanted by" graph

. A kind of 
"wanted Index"

. A kind of 
"Demand Meter"

. A kind of "
Your Popularity Chart”!

This is like Mr. A.M. Naik (CEO - L & T), first thing every morning, looking - up the share - price movement of L & T, on TV/ Newspaper/ Website etc. etc. I bet he gets this "Feed" on this table (or on his mobile - more likely), every half an - hour during the trading - hours! All CEOs / CFOs do!!

We, too, could plot such a graph, for each & every resume, each & every day, without any problem.

Today, plotting such a graph, would look ridiculous, because, I suspect we have no more than 8/10 Job - advts on our website!

But, starting this week, we will start downloading every single job - advts. Posted on Monster/ Naukri / Jobs Ahead/ Job Street/ Job sad etc. And EVERYDAY.(Using MYRIAD).

So, by end June, we may be, daily downloading 500 job advt. That is 10,000/ 20,000 every month.

So, even if we retain/ keep these job advts "Live" on our website for just ONE months, we would have at any given point of time, 10000/20000 job advts.

And, hopefully, by end June Abhi may have managed to convert (ResuMine) & upload on our website 100,000 email resumes

So, there will be DAILY MATCH - MAKING between

. 100,000 resumes


. 20,000 job- advts

& throwing - up "No. of Matches" for each resume.

Plotting these graphically every day, for 100,000 Candidates may pose, some processing load, which we can overcome.

We could also think of doing all these "match - making" OFFLINE & plot the graphs offline.

Then, only upload the graphs (daily?) on our web - server based Resume Database.

So, each graph becomes a part & Parcel of BUTTERFLY RESUME

. A candidate can log - in & view & download

. A candidate can receive as email

. A candidate can receive as MMS (Mobile)

. A candidate can show to this boss!!

(Message - "I am not stuck with this job!")

. Show to this prospective employer, saying "I am a most wanted person". (May not be a good idea!)

Let us use technology to stir - up powerful human emotions.


Sunday, 18 May 2003


Sri Ram, Raju

While discussing strict compliance in usage of OES by consultants, 2 days back, you mentioned whether we could consider some incentive/ cannot, which would motivate the consultants to use OES religiously.
 If OES succeeds in increasing the productivity of a consultant, allowing her to finish assignments faster, finish more no. of assignments in a year, far exceed for 8 times target and thereby earn greater "Incentive - amount" at  the end of the year, then, no further/ different/ external "cannot" would, even be necessary.
But this "if" can be satisfactorily answered ONLY "if" the consultants actually use OES for a period of 6 months, in order to draw some conclusion !
Then again, there is a real danger that different consultants may arrive at different "Conclusions" (for or against) based on some "Vague/ Subjective" assessment.
 And there is no way to contradict an "opinion" ! especially if it is subjective !
That I may "like" green shirt and you may "like" red, is a matter of our individual "opinions" - and does not help, if we have to decide what should be the colour of staff - uniform !
If we have to reach a "decision", we must move away from "matter - of - opinion" to a "matter - of - facts".
Facts which are accurately "recorded" by all concerned, in a totally transparent way, in a way, these cannot be manipulated/ fudged, in an automatic way, in a human - independent way, in a uniform / agreed - upon way, in a "QUANTIFIABLE" way, etc. etc.
Then aggregation of such "facts" can form a foundation upon which an objective/ rational decision can be taken.
In OES, we have an in - built provision for accumulation / aggregation of many many types of facts - one of which  is
. How much time should a consultant have taken for completing a specified (recruitment) activity? (STANDARD TIME)
. How much did she actually take?
. What was the variance ?
There are 9 "Main Activities", each having it's own "STD TIME". All of these, add up to 32 days, from start to finish of an assignment.
There is also a provision in OES, to
 Add any, other activity, dynamically as per a consultant's choice, as long as she, specifies in advance,
       . Start Date
       . Due Date
For each such "NEW/ UNIQUE" activity.
 And such dynamically added activities, can differ from assignment to assignment.
It is quite possible that, in case of some of the 9 MAIN ACTIVITIES, the STD. TIMES fixed today are, too tight or too lose.
But that is besides the point !
To make a beginning, some "NOs" had to be fixed - even if arbitrarily (-although Mitchelle/ Thakoor etc were involved in this exercise).
 Only way to arrive at, "What ought to be THE (REALISTIC) STD. TIMES"? is to actually compile the ACTUAL TIMES for each activity, for each assignment, as shown in enclosed "Recruitment Cycle. Time - summary Tabulation"
Then, in 6 months time we would know (on an average), which activities are taken how much time.
We would also know the "Spread" i.e.
       . The shortest time
       . The longest time
We can automatically compute the "Standard - Deviation" 6,
 And then, we can set "Upper & Lower" control limits ( +- 36) - the now famous 6 SIGMA, which every TIME - STUDY engineer has been using for over 50 - years !
Once, we have enough points - to - plot, we can tell each consultant,
 "We appreciate/ realize that each & every assignment & each & every activity, cannot be completed, on the dot (STD. TIME).
But, it is fine, if your "MEAN" is on the dot, with individual assignments - and individual activities, fluctuating within  +-36 for 99.9 % of the assignments & within 26 for 95% of assignments & within 16 for 67% of assignments"
 You may talk to Kartavya/ Abhi, how "values" can be extracted from OES to computer "moving averages"  & even plotting frequency distribution - graphs.
Plotting of frequency distribution graphs would become possible, only after some 40/50 "assignments" have been entered into OES from start - to - finish.
Over a period of time, as more & more search assignments get entered into OES, we would be able to observe the  "shifts".


Monday, 12 May 2003


13 May 2003



In the next 2/3 days, Abhi will conduct the surgery and separate our Resume databases as shown in enclosed sheet.

This “operation” has become, both important as well as urgent. If not carried out soon, serious “complications” can arise, considering that there is a fundamental difference between the Business/Model & Revenue Model of

·     Executive search Business

·     Webservice Business

Headhunting is all about

-    Very senior Executives/Search –assignments / specific client / confidentiality / 25% search fees etc.

Webservice is all about

-    (Relatively) junior executives/Fresh Graduates/Public resumes freely accessed by all webservice Subscribers / resuMine Search / Rs. 10/- per download of each resume / Repeat “Salle” of same resume (like Music CD’s online)

Sunday, 11 May 2003


cc: Kartavya
cc: Inder/ Pooja
To become the Industry - standard, you need to get the industry to adopt your "forms" & your "business - processes".
So that you control the forms/ processes.
Whenever, you come out with a new/ revised, form or a process, the industry has got to "adopt" the same. Otherwise that company stands isolated. You systems cannot exchange data with the rest of the world.
If we reach such a stage, it gives us virtual monopoly - a very desirable situation from the view point of competition.
Q.  And "why" should industry adopt out "forms/ processes"?
    - If these are easy / simple to use
    - Require less effort / time
    - Help you do more work in less time (productivity)
    - Avoid duplicate entry of same data
    - Reduce process - costs / Manpower (data - entry)
    - Automate "Communication" amongst "parties"
    - Improve "Quality" of your decisions
    - Enable "data - processing" on a "MASSIVE" scale
    - Vastly extend you "reach" thru networking
    - Help you "globalize" your business operations. etc.
If we want to make "Global Recruiter" to become, The world standard, (as far as Recruitment Processes are concerned), then
BUTTERFLY RESUME is the first step in that direction.
Today, there are hundreds of "versions" of resumes.
# 1 - Those "unique" ones, dreamed - up by Jobseekers
# 2 - These "recommended - for - use" by management Consultants and authors of "Recruitment Books"
# 3 - Those designed by Jobsites as structured/ partially structured FORMS on their websites.
# 4 - Those (digital) forms, which corporate websites as you to fill - up, online, while applying.
# 5 - Those printed "Hard - copies" handed - out by corporate to eager jobseekers to fill - in, when they appear for an interview (Quite common procedure amongst Indian Corporate)
To get all of these parties, to sit around a table and agree upon a SINGLE/ STANDARD resume - form, is impossible!
We won't be able to get them to agree to even "sit - around - a - table" !
Does this mean that our effort to get all concerned to agree - upon / accept ONE standard RESUME - FORM, is doomed?
Perhaps not.
Perhaps our Butterfly Version is an answer!
The secret would be to get the millions of jobseekers around the world to adopt the
BUTTERFLY VERSION. Strike at the root.
If all of them use the SAME/ STANDARD form, corporate Recruiters cannot refuse to accept such resumes.
If, on top of this (situation), if butterfly version, makes a Recruiters job easy & lessens his burden & speeds - up his     process, he would be more than happy to receive / accept such butterfly version.
If he is extremely happy with Butterfly version, he may even insist that in future, this is the ONLY version, in which he would accept resumes!
So, the obvious FIRST STEP is to get the jobseekers change - over to the Butterfly version.
   . Reduces their time/ effort to apply (to hundreds!)
    . Gives them a distinct "Competitive Advantage" over other candidates, who are using plain/ unstructured email resumes (Eg. Functional Profiles)
    . Improves their "Probability" of getting short - listed/ getting interviewed / getting appointed.
    . Enables updating/ editing appointed.
    . Enables updating/ editing with very little effort
    . Gives them a better "Bargaining Power" (eg : Salary / Designation Profiles)
    . All of these are FREE!
    . I have tried to address (these) concerns of a jobseeker while designing enclosed BUTTERFLY version. Some issues will get addressed in future versions only (eg : Salary/ Designation Profiles), So I have mentioned these under "Instructions".
    . Thru first page (Interactive Response Module), I am trying to achieve the following.
    . Boost Jobseeker's ego, by providing space where he can attach his colour photo (JPG?)
    . Making it easy for the Recruiter to record his decisions (Rating/ calling or Not / Remarks) while the (digital) resume is still in front of his eyes & his memory is VIVIDLY FRESH as to the candidates suitability". (Whether hard copy or digital, no information must require to be handled again & again. Information must not be "put down/ filed away", without taking a DECISION on the spot, once - and - for all !
    . Utter shy simplifying emailing of "Interview - calls" (Telescoping the process). This feature along will ensure many more candidates getting called for interview - than otherwise, under the old / manual process. To that extent, this becomes a "SELF - FULFILLING" Prophesy ("Get an Interview call, Today !) & re - in forces the process to repeat again & again.
    . The page - design (esp. ADVERTISER'S SPACE), gives the jobseeker an impression that the Advertiser will definitely rate him (A) / definitely cal him for interview.
    . If the (first - page) design succeeds in creating this last - mentioned "impression" in the mind of the jobseeker, he is bound to use Butterfly version.
     . And if this impression, proves "Correct" in case of even 10% of the candidates, the Butterfly version would catch - on like a wild fire, by word - of - mouth.
    . And if millions of job - seekers start using Butterfly version, Corporate have got to fall in line & accept it as THE Industry Standard! They don't have a choice!
    . So, entire Global - Recruiter, rides piggy - back on the Butterfly Version & on our ability to convince the
      - 60,000 candidates to edit & then use it
      - 60,000 candidates to "Talk - about - it" to 10 friends each, each of whom, would, in turn, talk to author 10 friends  / colleagues each.
    . Once, we attain a "CRITICAL MASS" of ONE million Butterfly Versions, we would become "Unstoppable"
    . Then becoming INDUSTRY - STANDARD is a more question
    . It is therefore CRUCIAL that, we spare no effort, in design / development of Butterfly version, even if it means delaying launch of Project EGO, by 2/3 days. We must "GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME".
There may not be a second time!