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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       27 June 2013

Saturday, 29 March 2003


 cc     : Kartavya
        : Nagwekar
        : Inder

Someone has said
 "Luck Happens when Preparedness meets Opportunity".
In the look DOCOMO, which I am reading currently, the authors are propounding a theory that DOCOMO was not "Lucky" - they made lunch "Happen" bye
  . "Anticipating" the shape that telecom (mobile telecom) technology will take in future.
    . "Figuring - out", what human emotions, can be made to express/ ventilate themselves, thru use of such new/ advanced technologies.
    . "Preparing" / "Getting - Ready", to exploit the technology/ human emotions
 Hence, the authors argue, it was not really surprising that DOCOMO ramped - up their subscriber - base to 40 million users,
(33% of Japan's Population) within 4 years !
Learning from DOCOMO's lesson, I enclose 3 sheets, in which I have tried to on time, how,
during the next 3/4 months, to launch initiatives.
These initiatives, have the power & potential to make our web service
We know that 42 million Indians are registered with country's 900 + employment exchanges. We know that 15 million Indians get added to our population EVERY YEAR ! We know, more than 2 million Indians Graduate from all colleges every years ! Within 5 years, the world will see much easier/ freer flow of skilled manpower across national boundaries – thanks to WTO.
We know that a lot of companies from "Advanced" countries, our outsourcing business processes. Most of these jobs are flowing into India.
We are, as a country, on an inflexion point.
If we "Prepare" ourselves will & get ourselves "ready", we are bound to run into our luck / our destiny, in the next 6/8 months. Here, I am talking of 3P. The projects (Manhattan - Ego - Pincer - Cyber - Jaws) are NOT independent/ stand - alone.
These initiatives are "part - and - parcel" of our Global Recruiter Web service. Just because, these projects involve, a lot of OFFLINE work/effort/preparedness, does not mean they do not contribute to the success of web service.
If anything, Global Recruiter will succeed, only if these projects succeed - and produce results, as expected.
Since, others in technical team are busy developing .NET, the main responsibility for launching/ implementing these projects, fall on you/Deepa.
 And I know you are not one to sit back & rely upon "Luck"!


Wednesday, 26 March 2003



Enclosed find tabulation. "PAIN - FACTORS" are an interview appearing in latest copy of "monster bytes" (enclosed).
 Against each item, I have put down my thoughts/ suggestions on how Global Recruiter can address each of these PAINS - FACTORS.
We must try hard to build these features/ functionalities in Global Recruiter as we take - up each "module" for development / testing.
 Functions / features by themselves may not be too difficult to incorporate in modulus. But modules will be able to generate statistically significant data only when there is a large subscriber - base, processing large no. of vacancies, using Global Recruiter.
cc : Inder/ Abhi


Monday, 24 March 2003


24 March 2003



We are planning to offer ResuMine/ResuSearch as “Web service” – to be followed by

·     Ad-Compose

·     OES etc.

Before we start “Offering” these (as Web service), we must, ourselves use these for 3 months AS WEBSERVICE” It is no good to tell our potential clients that although we do use these systems, we use these
This would be like bill gates asking everyone to use “MS-Office” but Microsoft itself using “Star Office”

Or a Heart Specialist asking all his patients to quit smoking & eat vegetarian diet & exercise vigorously.

But himself, continuing to smoke & eat lots of hamburgers & never getting out of his chair!

No one would believe him.

So, we must become our own FIRST client. Then only we can speak from conviction. What do we need to do, to upload on our web server

-    Module 1

-    Search Engine

-    OES  etc.?

What are “cost” implications? What happens to our OFFLINE hardware’s (servers/routers?)

Wednesday, 12 March 2003


12 March 2003

Asutosh/Raju/ Sriram/Megha,


Please ensure that with effect from.

01.04.2003, no invoices are raised/issued outside of OES

These will cover all invoices far

·     Min search fee/Retainer/Advance

·     Progress payment

·     Final professional fees Invoice

·     Out –of pocket Expenses

(Have I missed out any?)

We have been using debugged OES for nearly 2 months now. This means, all assignments received after 15.01.2003 must have been entered into OES and for these, there can be no problem in raising invoices thru OES.

In case you receive request for raising any Invoice outside of OES (after 01.04.2003), please do let me know first, so that I can talk to the concerned consultant to find out the reason.  


Monday, 3 March 2003


Q.  How does GuruMine Help
      - A Recruitment Manager in Particular
      - A company in General
 Ans :-
 Every time a Company advertises a vacancy (either in Newspapers or on Websites) the Recruitment Manager gets flooded with hundreds or thousands of email resumes. Reputed Companies also keep getting thousands of unsolicited resumes.
 Hidden among these thousands of email resumes, could be the very candidate, you are looking for - the ideal person for the job.
But the problem is, how to find this person from a heap of unstructured resumes, which are practically            "unsearchable"? A typical "Needle in the haystack" problem.
Any attempt to create a "Searchable" database from these resumes, by getting an army of data - entry operators to read each resume and create a "structured Database", is fraught with danger !
It is beyond the intelligence of a data entry operator to figure - out.
    - Skills/ Knowledge of the Jobseeker
    - Functional Competence of the Jobseeker
    - The Industry - background of the Jobseeker
    - Hierarchical Seniority of the Jobseeker
This is tough even for an experienced recruiter. And this is precisely the type of information a recruiter needs in matter of seconds to decide whether the candidate is worth short listing / interviewing or not. So, any database created by data - entry operator is useless.
But, using its AI based algorithms, this is precisely the type of info which GuruMine extracts from a resume !
 And it stores this info in a structured database, making it extremely simple to zero - in on the "desirable / such table" candidates in matter of seconds, using GuruMine's a companying search - engine, Guru search
Having shortlisted a few suitable candidates from amongst thousands, a Recruitment Manager, can send out "Interview call letters"
 - Once again, in a matter of seconds !
 Q. Suppose I decide to discontinue my subscription (of your web service) after sometime or decide not to renew it, what happens to my resume database lying on your server? Can I download it (- along with the STRUCTURED database) on my local hard disc? Thereafter, will it cease to exist on your web server?
 Ans: Your resume database lying on our web - server is exclusively YOURS & it is completely INACCESSIBLE to anyone else. In case you decide to discontinue (or not renew) you subscription at anytime, you can download your entire resume database (email resumes + extracted structured database) on your local server. This (downloading) process will automatically delete your database from our web server. It will cease to exist on our web server.
Q. Suppose, after a gap of few weeks I decide to "renew" my subscription of your web service, how do I go about it? Can I once again, upload my old database on your web server - along with the STRUCTURED database?
 Ans : Yes, it is possible to "renew" your subscription after discontinuing. If you reactivate within 6 months, You will not need to pay the "ACTIVATION - FEE", once again and your customer No. will not change. It will remain the same. However, you will need to pay User Fee & Transaction Fee, before       reactivation takes place. Upon receipt of payment - along with your request for "reactivation", we will "reactivate" your account by issuing to  you, your new USER ID/ PASSWORLD
 Of course, you will be able to upload on our web server, your old resume - database.
Q. Will you be using OUR resumes for any other purpose? If so, what purpose?
Ans. : Your resumes will always remain completely "INACCESSIBLE" to anyone else - whether to any other subscriber of our web service or even to OURSELVES ! No one will ever get to see/ view Your Resumes, nor forward the same to anyone else. Only you can do this.
Q. Will I be able to search Your own resume database  ? - and shortlist suitable candidates? Would I need to pay any charges for such search/ short listing ?
 Ans: Yes, you will be able to also search our 3P's resume database and shortlist candidates, if you so desire. For downloading resumes from our database you pay as per the TARRIF CHART (MENU - CARD). After downloading, you may contact those candidates directly on your own, at the "contact Data", available in the resumes. We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy/ up-to-datedness of any info (including contact data) contained in the resumes.
Q. If I discontinue your web service for a few weeks and the decide to re-subscribe/ re-activate, do I need to Pay "Activation - Charge" Once again?
Ans:  Yes Please.
Q. Do I need to enter into a "Subscriber - Agreement" to avail of your service? Can this be signed online?
 Ans : The "Terms & Conditions", attached to the online Registration Forms (Free Trial and / or Regular Subscriber), constitute an agreement between you and Recruit Guru. You are accepted as a subscriber, when you accept these "Terms & Conditions" by checking
    -  I/we agree with your "Terms & Conditions" and accept the same.
Q. What are Your "Tariffs" for different transactions ? Are these tariff the same for all subscribers? Are these any "Bulk - discounts"? What happens to my subscription if you decide to revise the tariff? Is the subscription linked to any period? Is there any refund of the "Unused" amount of subscription, if I decide to terminate the subscription mid - way?  Apart from "Transaction - Charge", what is your charge for the memory disk - space occupied by our resume database?
Q. In what different ways can I make payments for the web service? Can I make "Online" payment using credit - card? On ICICI online payment Service?
Ans :You can pay for our web service, as per one of the following options
    #1. Thru ICICI online/ payment service
    #2. Thru use of your "Credit - Card"
    #3. By crediting our Bank Account (as per details given below), by WIRE TRANSFER
          A/c No. -  __________
          Name of Bank :  _______________
    #4. By sending a Demand Draft drawn in favour of "Three P Consultants (PVT) Limited"
    #5. By sending your Local "Account Payee" cheque drawn in favour of "Three P Consultants (PVT) Limited".
Q. How will I come to know that the "balance" in my subscription account is running low and that it is time to replenish with fresh payment?
Ans : As soon as your "Balance" reaches 10% of the "Transaction Fee" initially deposited/ paid by you, you will receive an email "alert" to that effect.
Q. Your "Tariff - Chart" shows "per - use" transaction - charges in US but we do not have a Dollar - Account. Can we make payments in Indian Rupees ?
Ans :Yes, you may make payments in Indian Rupees.
Q. Do you plan to add further "Modules"  to your web service to cover the entire range of Recruitment process? What are these modules & When do you plan to add these?
Ans: Eventually, our web service will span all the Human Resource related business process, as shown in following chart. Resu-Mine/ Resu-Search is just that the first module, which will be followed by several modules. Initially, we plan to cover the entire recruitment process, to be followed by modules covering post - recruitment processes as well.
Q. Is there any "Minimum" amount of transactions that we must execute using your web service? or a minimum monthly "Transaction - charges" ?
Ans : As of now, there is no such "minimum" of no. of transactions or amount of "transaction - charges".
Q. If I am an "Individual" and not a "Corporate - body", can I still await of your web service? Can I become your subscriber?
Ans : Yes, Sure.
Q. Can we "add" / "detect" to the list of "Authorized - users". from our organization who can use the web service?
Ans :Sure, at anytime you can add/ delete to the list of "authorized users". Of course, such "addition/ deletion" of user - names can be done only by the chief of Personnel / Designated persons..... (COP/ DP). Anytime COP/DP, makes such changes, our web server wall automatically send out an email to all concerned user (executives) informing each, of his changed "status".
 Not only can the COP/ DP, add/ delete to the list of "Authorized persons", but he can also make whatever changes he wants, in the "ACCESS - RIGHTS" of each of the Authorized person, as far as various MODULES are concerned.
COP/ DP, may not want Mr. X to be able to access RESUMINE
Mr. Y to be able to access RESU SEARCH
Mr. Z to be able to access "Ad. Compose"  etc.
Q. When one of our local Recruitment Manager, who is a "Authorized " leaves our employ, do we need to inform you? DO we also need to inform you the name of the persons replacing him?
Ans: This is absolutely essential. As soon as one of the existing "Authorized Person" leaves your employee (-or even submits his resignation!) you must, first, delete his name from the "Authorized users" List. This can be done ONLINE, by the COP/ DP.
 Simultaneously you should send us an email (Web service @3pjobs.com) telling us about the change that you have carried out online - and the reason.
  At all times, it is Your responsibility to ensure that persons who you do not want to access/ use the web service, are removed from the "Authorized Persons" list.
 After deleting the name of the person who has left your employ, you can, at anytime, add the name of any other person, whom, you wish to authorize.
Q. Would you accept your competitors (- other placement agencies / other jobsites etc) as subscribers to your web service?
 Ans :Sure, any placement agency/ executive search firm / jobsite etc. is welcome to subscriber to our web service. We do     not look upon them as our competitors but as our collaborators. We strongly believe that placement agencies and jobsites would stand to increase their process - productivity       many fold, by subscribing to our web service.
Q. Will your "Subscriber Agreement" Clearly state that the resumes which we have uploaded on your web server for  processing, are our own/ exclusive "Intellectual Property" & that you have no property - rights or any other claim on the same?
 Ans : Most certainly, our "Subscriber - Agreement" would contain such clause.
Q. If we do not what to retain old resumes in our database (which unnecessarily occupy disk - space), what is the mechanism to "delete" the same?
Ans :In such an event, would you "add" these resumes to your own database? In such a case, will the PEN (Permanent Executive Number) allotted to that candidate change or it will remain the same?
 You will be able to delete from your resume database, any (one or more) resume/s you do not wish to carry.  
Q. How do you ensure that some PEN (Permanent Executive Number) does not get allotted to two (or more) different candidates? How do you ensure that one candidate does not get allotted TWO (-or More) PEN, if he submits his resume  Again & again against our own different job - advts?
   . More than once against same job advt?
   . Against different job - advts. released by your different subscribers ?



3 March 2003


·         I hope soon it will be unnecessary to ask Asutosh to generate such MIS reports outside of OES I believe OES can give you ANY combination of order execution related reports that you could possibly want. But if there is some UNIQUE combination which OES does not provide, please let me know soon. I draw your attention to my note to all consultants (individual copies) re: using of OES. Since & have not heard from anybody that they have ANY problem in use of OES then I am assuming that every current assignment is being processed thru OES. Soon, I will issue instructions to Asutosh NOT to raise any invoice outside OES without my explicit written ok – so, if you anticipate any problem in this report, I would like to know NOW!

·         In my note to Asutosh (copies to you) dt. 26.02.2003 I have requested you to handover to Asutosh, target Invoicing /net collection fig’s for each & every consultant, for 2003/04 by 15.03.2003. Please ensure that this is done.