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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Saturday, 29 March 2003


 cc     : Kartavya
        : Nagwekar
        : Inder

Someone has said
 "Luck Happens when Preparedness meets Opportunity".
In the look DOCOMO, which I am reading currently, the authors are propounding a theory that DOCOMO was not "Lucky" - they made lunch "Happen" bye
  . "Anticipating" the shape that telecom (mobile telecom) technology will take in future.
    . "Figuring - out", what human emotions, can be made to express/ ventilate themselves, thru use of such new/ advanced technologies.
    . "Preparing" / "Getting - Ready", to exploit the technology/ human emotions
 Hence, the authors argue, it was not really surprising that DOCOMO ramped - up their subscriber - base to 40 million users,
(33% of Japan's Population) within 4 years !
Learning from DOCOMO's lesson, I enclose 3 sheets, in which I have tried to on time, how,
during the next 3/4 months, to launch initiatives.
These initiatives, have the power & potential to make our web service
We know that 42 million Indians are registered with country's 900 + employment exchanges. We know that 15 million Indians get added to our population EVERY YEAR ! We know, more than 2 million Indians Graduate from all colleges every years ! Within 5 years, the world will see much easier/ freer flow of skilled manpower across national boundaries – thanks to WTO.
We know that a lot of companies from "Advanced" countries, our outsourcing business processes. Most of these jobs are flowing into India.
We are, as a country, on an inflexion point.
If we "Prepare" ourselves will & get ourselves "ready", we are bound to run into our luck / our destiny, in the next 6/8 months. Here, I am talking of 3P. The projects (Manhattan - Ego - Pincer - Cyber - Jaws) are NOT independent/ stand - alone.
These initiatives are "part - and - parcel" of our Global Recruiter Web service. Just because, these projects involve, a lot of OFFLINE work/effort/preparedness, does not mean they do not contribute to the success of web service.
If anything, Global Recruiter will succeed, only if these projects succeed - and produce results, as expected.
Since, others in technical team are busy developing .NET, the main responsibility for launching/ implementing these projects, fall on you/Deepa.
 And I know you are not one to sit back & rely upon "Luck"!


Wednesday, 26 March 2003




Enclosed find tabulation. "PAIN - FACTORS" are an interview appearing in latest copy of "monster bytes" (enclosed).
 Against each item, I have put down my thoughts/ suggestions on how Global Recruiter can address each of these PAINS - FACTORS.
We must try hard to build these features/ functionalities in Global Recruiter as we take - up each "module" for development / testing.
 Functions / features by themselves may not be too difficult to incorporate in modulus. But modules will be able to generate statistically significant data only when there is a large subscriber - base, processing large no. of vacancies, using Global Recruiter.
cc : Inder/ Abhi


Monday, 24 March 2003


24 March 2003



We are planning to offer ResuMine/ResuSearch as “Web service” – to be followed by

·     Ad-Compose

·     OES etc.

Before we start “Offering” these (as Web service), we must, ourselves use these for 3 months AS WEBSERVICE” It is no good to tell our potential clients that although we do use these systems, we use these
This would be like bill gates asking everyone to use “MS-Office” but Microsoft itself using “Star Office”

Or a Heart Specialist asking all his patients to quit smoking & eat vegetarian diet & exercise vigorously.

But himself, continuing to smoke & eat lots of hamburgers & never getting out of his chair!

No one would believe him.

So, we must become our own FIRST client. Then only we can speak from conviction. What do we need to do, to upload on our web server

-    Module 1

-    Search Engine

-    OES  etc.?

What are “cost” implications? What happens to our OFFLINE hardware’s (servers/routers?)