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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 27 February 2003





See enclosed article.
To popularise their "service", all cell phone Cos. are scrambling all over to find "content" in which subscribers are interested in & which can be delivered thru their service/ network.
Everybody (all cell Cos.) are experimenting with
    . Emails                                    
    . Video Clips of Events
    . News
    . Stock Quotes
    . Weather Reports
    . Greetings
    . Internet
    . Celebrity photos
    . Online lottery
    . Astrology (Fore casts?)
    . Games (eg. Cricket)
   . Songs
There is no doubt, all of the above are of interest to some - or - other "Target / Niche Group" of users of cell - phones.
But, getting - and holding onto a "Job" is as basic as "ROTI / KAPADA/ MAKAAN" !
This "interest" (category) cuts across, all the above - stated "target" groups.
Soon, cell - phones will be owned, even by "Jobless" youth.
Now, in fact, if we could convince the cell - phone service - companies, that their "Subscriber - base" can dramatically expand if they start delivering "Job Alerts" over their cell - phones, then there is pretty good chance that they will jump at this (novel) idea !
Tell them that 50 million educated unemployed youth are registered
With country's 900 + Employment
If Bharti or BPL or Reliance, manage to send "Job Alert" emails over their service, millions of educated youth, will start subscribing to their service - over a "pre - paid" card! Tell them, over 2 million job - seekers are registered with Indian Jobsites!!
And, we are prepared to give/ offer this service / content to Bharati / BPL/ Reliance "FREE”!
We don’t pay them (the cell cos.) anything to deliver our "Job Alerts", to their subscribers! - No way!!
Cell Cos are, in any case, charging their subscribers, Rs. 1 / = for each SMS message. That is their "Revenue Model" and they will continue with that, in any case.
We are "Obliging" them (Cell Cos) by giving free CONTENT (even at the cost of loading our server).
And that, they will leverage our (free) content to boost their revenues by vastly expanding their subscriber - base!
Then again,
The cell - company, which jumps for our "FREE CONTENT OFFER" first, will gain tremendous COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, over its Competitors. It will get the "FIRST MOVER" advantage.
I suggest you/ Nirmit speak to some Cell Cos & Show them demo of our RESUMINE/ RESEARCH as well. Nirmit knows CEO of one Mumbai Based Cell Co.

Wednesday, 26 February 2003


26 Feb 2003



Following survey results may be of use to you while talking to clients/candidates.

Tuesday, 25 February 2003



25 Feb 2003



Resumix advises American Jobseekers to formal their resumes under following broad/common “heading”:

1.  Objective

2.  Experience

3.  Employment

4.  Work History

5.  Positions Held

6.  Appointments

7.  Skills

8.  Summary

9.  Summary of Qualifications

10.  Accomplishments

11.  Strengths

12.  Education

13.  Affiliations

14.  Professional Affiliations

15.  Publications

16.  Papers

17.  Licenses

18.  Certifications

19.  Examinations

20.  Honors

21.  Personnel

22.  Additional

23.  Misc

24.  References

Not every American jobseeker would use all for that matter no jobseeker may use all of these “heading”! Every American Jobseeker, may use some combination of these headings.

Our American version of “RESUMINE” would need to recognize these headings & breakup a given resume into several paragraphs before it attempts to “extract” values for specific fields in each paragraph. We should get a good working American Version of RESIMUNE, ready before Nirmit leaves for Brussels in May.

Hemen Parekh


25 Feb 2003



·     First 4 pages were downloaded from web 1year ago. Rest, as for back as 1998 (5 years ago) if you have not gone thru this folder, it may be worthwhile to go thru.

·     You may have even studied RESIMIX products during your stay in U.S.

·     When & re-read today, I got feeling that

-    Resumix (like our Resumine0 is “rule” based

-    Because of 12 year background, they must have a bigger knowledge-base of “categories / skills / concepts / Acronyms / synonyms / disciplines / terms / keywords / phrases / sentences / functions / designation / Industries / Edu. Quali-degrees / univ. / college name etc. etc.

-    They have a “closed loop feedback” mechanism to capture the knowledge base of client recruiters

-    They have 5 components/modules viz:

·     Recruiters Desktop

·     Manager’s Desktop

·     Operators desktop

·     Sysop’s Desktop

·     Reports

Road map for our own “Global recruiter” ? Navin Nangia advised us to show a “Roadmap” to clients

-    Resumix is installed on clients premises (not a webservice) & V 6.0 must be costing # 100,000/- (V5.2 cost # 75000)

Hemen Parekh


26 Feb 2003



Year 2002-2003 will end in a few weeks. So, it is time for stock-taking (i.e management reporting).

It is also time for setting achievement targets for 2003-04 of course, while setting targets for 2003-04 we must ask ourselves, following questions:

·     If we failed to achieve 2002/03 targets, why what were the reasons? Do these reasons still persist or have be managed to overcome?

·     To achieve 2002-03 targets what “resources” had we planned as “inputs”? Was there any shortfall in providing these inputs? Eg: Manpower/space/working capital/HW/SW etc.

·     While setting targets for 2003/04 what resources/inputs would we need and when? Are these clearly listed / quantified? Has action been initiated to “ACQUIRE” these resources? Should we set

-    An optimistic target

-    A pessimistic target

-    A “realizable” target.

Depending Upon: acquisitions” of various resources?
Please use enclosed form for compiling data.

The form should be filled in & ready in all respects by APRIL 5, 2003. No excuses!

By sending a copy of this note/form, I am asking Nirmit / Sriram / Raju / Kartavya to help you in compiling data, wherever you need their help (esp in Target-setting for “Invoicing/Net collection” for 2003/04, for each & every consultant AND for both the Team).

The “Invoicing/Net collection” targets exclude any revenues that may get generated from our Proposed “WEBSERVICE”.


·     Obviously you cannot fill-in columns #14-15-16
·     It is also alright (for 2002/03, if you do not have fig’s to fill-in columns # 1-2-3

·     Column# 8 is same as column#11

·     Barring 1-2-3-14-15-16, all the rest are ESSENTIAL.

Once this chart is ready (by 5th April), you MUST get 2003/04 EXPENSE BUDGET & PROFIT-PLAN ready by 12th April, when I have suggested to hold 3P’s second Annual Meeting.