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Tuesday, 26 November 2002


Kartavya, Inder, Abhi
Enclosed find my outline of such a master plan. It is most tentative, but it will help us to get started.
For a better understanding of manual / existing recruitment processes in most organized - sector Indian       Companies, please read "WRAP" on our website. But even this (description of the process) could be OBSOLUTE, Since it was prepared 3/4 years ago.
To accurately understand the actual / manual recruitment processes, you would need to sit across, a dozen recruitment Managers, with Some
 And then ask each manager to comment on the same/ modify the same (as it exists in his own company). He will never draw - up such a chart (work - flow) from
"Scratch" on a blank spice of paper, on his own,
If you present him with a MODEL chart, he would happily point - out, where / how his own company - process differs. Work - flow sequence will vary from Company - to - Company and our Global Recruiter would have to have a lot of Flexibility / options.
You may think of covering a meeting of 10/12 co - operative / pro - active recruitment managers (Raju/ Sri Ram can organize). Then you make an AV presentation of your MODEL & ask for suggestions. Such common meeting will cut down on "Time - to - Market".
Besides presenting debating "Recruitment - Process work flow" you may also use this forum to present your
    - and, once again, seek their news/ suggestions.
In fact, Sri Ram/ Raju should select such 8/10 Recruitment Managers, for this process who
    . Are forward looking/ willing to experiment
    . Young & computer savvy
    . Has desire / willingness to leverage Internet
    . Are willing to form a "CORE - GROUP" which will continue to guide this project over the next 12 months.
In V 1.0, I have listed 8 modules but a different set can emerge after your meeting/ meetings. In any case, Modules for V 1.0 MUST be frozen by end dec. 2002, so that coding can start from 1st Jan 2003. Then only we can meet our target of April 2003. Modules for V.2/3/4 can be firmed - up later.
cc : Nirmit
cc: Raju
cc: SriRam
With a request to Help.


Sunday, 24 November 2002


 Kartavya, Abhi, Inder
In order to allocated our Technical - Team resources in a manager that would yielf
    . Maximum short - term benefits
    . Maximum Long - term "Competitive Advantage".
We need to debate these projects in detail & draw up priorities/ targets.
 cc : Nirmit
cc : Sri Ram
cc : Raju
In the past technical team, has, more or less, dreamed - up projects & set priorities/ targets on its own. This must change we must align tech - team resources with overall Business Objectives. Can we meet next sunday, as suggested by you?
Software Development Projects to be Undertaken/ Implemented
·     Member search
      - Resumes appear with keywords highlighted in a boxes.
      - Search by keyworlds & facility to add new keywords (with corresponding "category") to build up "knowledge -  Base"
      - ISYS type "Intelligent Spider" to alert Consultants re : suitable resumes
      - Introduction of HH3P type "weightages" (developed by Mr. Nagle) to arrange Search - results as (A) (B) (C) (R)
      - Feature to compose "Client Need" & Interest Letter" to auto email to shortlisted candidates at one stroke & facility for candidates to enter their interest (Yes/ No/ Conditional) into the SMART email respond. Respone to automatically get inesrted into appropriate screen of OES.  
·     De - bugging of OES (Sunitha)
     - Bypassing Prelim. Interview
     - Flexibility to add new/ shortlisted candidates upto "Closure" stage.
    - Ability to send - out all communications (with client or candidates) by E - mail (e.g. Proposal / SON/ Interest Letter / Invoice Reji developing as part of Member Search
- Resumes Forwarded Histroy
    . Candidate wise (Part of Janam Kundali)
    . Client Wise (Part of Janam Kundli)
      (I believe these features are already built into OES & are working satisfactory).
·     Build - up a lage NON - MEMBER database
 An "Extractor Tool" which extracts names/ details of Z SENIOR executives whose names are given under       "REFERENCE" in resumes received from Monster. Tool will "Process" these thru "Designation Splitter" & Compiler" before inserting into non - member database. Can same extractor tool extract names/ details of 21000 executives in PRIME directory just received ? If entire page is scanned/ OCR ed as ONE file ? Handeled Scanner is too slow.
See my file on "Communicator Tool".
Today, we already have
      - 3 webbased tools
      - 2 offline tools
      - 1 offline undev development
           (As part of Member - Search, emailing of Interest Leters - originally developed by Vinay in CA).
    . Should we combine all of these into one/ single tool?
    . If yes, should such tool be "offline" or "online" ?
    . Should shuch tool make provision of being able to relay / broadcast messages as
      . SMS (one eamil from PC to 1000 mobiles)
            . Voice - Mails (eg. Navinmail of Shabber Bhatia)  
            . "Job Alerts" as SMS on mobile of Candidates
            . "Candidate Alerts" on mobile of HR Mgrs.
·     Project MAHATTAN {DEEPA}
 Cheapest / automatic / perpetual/ persistent method of creating Brand - Awareness, is by sending - out thousands  of email - messages, daily to corporates & candidates.
       This can be achieved by implementing Project Mahatan, Vigorously. See enclosed diagram (Work - Flow Chart). At Bottom there is step/ process of sending - out automatic emails to corporates & candidates. These emails to corporates will be sent even if he has not
    . Signed up for "Exclusive Page"
           . Become a licencee of "Global Recruiter".
So, Project Manhattan, is independent/ stand alone of services mentioned above. Uploading ALL resumes (received under this project) on our own websites will
           . A large Member Database
           . Attract Corporates to post advt. on our site
 We must AUTOMATE the entire process & remove all human intervention.
·     EXCLUSIVE PAGE {Vikram/ Chauvlin}
 By creating such an "Exclusive Page", we are shifting our focus to "Corporates" instead of "Candidates".
I strongly feel that we should create and "Exclusive Page" for each corporate whose job - advts we are downloading/ re - composing/ uploading under Project Manhattan. This would be irrespective of whether that Advertiser Chooses to fill - up our Questionnaire or NOT. We must provide a mechanism / procedure by which a Corporate can ask us to create for him, the "Exclusive Page". Hopefully, even before he requests, we should have already created such a page and all that we need to do, upon arrival of request, is to simply email his "Password". This way, from day one,he is able to see/ view all the past / Historical recrod of
       . Resumes Forwarded History
       . Job Advts. Posted History
       . Candidate Alerts Sent History
·     GLOBAL RECRUITER (Sunitha & Vikram)_
This software Solution
    . Should enable us to "lock - in" thousands of Companies in the use of our "Service" / more business
    . Should enable 3P's recruitment processes / forms to become the INDUSTRY - STANDARD in India.
    . By being a WEB - SERVICE (ASP) should enable us to rapidly build a huge "Knowledge - Base" by drawing upon the "EXPERTISE" embodied in hundreds of HR managers, when they fill - up
    . Job Advt. Forms (Weightages/ Keywords/ Comp. Trends)
    . Org. Charts (Reporting relationship Rules)
    . Job Descriptions (Success - Probabilities / Patterns)
    . Manpower Budget (Demand Trends)
    . OET 1 (Weighages - keywords - comp. Trends)
    . Will enable us to conduct "Permission Marketing", by commencing "Resume Blasting" to "Global Recruiter" Licensees, from 1600 Partner Cybercafes under "Operation Lock - In".
    . Will enable us to launch "JAWS" to 600 Newspapers
    . Enable "Licensees" to track / monitor their search assignments on their own, on our website.
    Target Date : April 2003
·     OES V 2. 0
There is a file on this subject containing my thoughts / notes. It is very important to debate these notes with consultants & their views/ specs obtained before starting. I also feel we should use V 1.0 of OES for at least 6 months before starting work on version 2.0
 There is a file on this subject. This project will speed - up the order Execution process. Today, biodatas (for sending to clients) are converted MANUALLY by D/E operators. This is a flow process & there is no consistency - also poor quality. Consultants have to wait for long.
·     Ad - viewer (UI given to Deepa)
·     Organization - Charter
·     Job Description Creator
·     "IF / THEN" Rules Farmer
·     Keywords Frequency Plotter
·     Responsibility Extractor
I have not prepared detailed notes on any of the above but some thoughts / suggestions may be found in
    . Website V 4.0 / 5.0 folder
    . Notes scribbled in margins of all the books in my personel library
    . "Expert System" Folder
All of these are very IMPORTANT but Low - Priority projects & would require retaining 2/3 "Domain Experts" for 2/3 months to create the "SEED" of the knowledge - Tree & buying Expert - System shell.
·     Graph Generator (On Intranet Chauvli)
This will help us monitor individual and entire company performance (Target Vs. Achievement) on a cumulative, ongoing basis for parameters such as
    . Order booking
    . Invoicing
    . Net Collection
    . Outstandings
 As soon as these graphs can be auto - generated in OES (V.2), it will get dropped from Intranet, since data is auto - generated in OES, anyway,
    . All items (heads) of budgeted expenses (as per Annual Budget)
    . "Net Collection" Graph also shows "Incentive Earned" by each consultant.
·     Integration of OES with TALLY 6.0
      Idea is that we should not have to enter financial data TWICE, once in TALLY and again in OES.

·     Electronic Document Filing / Retrieval System


Sunday, 17 November 2002


Nirmit, Kartavya, Inder
 Enclosed find my notes on this subject. This is, by no means, comprehensive and you must feel free to add more points/ question.
The core - team will consist of Inder & Kartavya. They would, as needed, seek help from Nirmit/ Raju/ Sri Ram. Since, target date for preparation of CONECTP NOTE is 18the January 2003, there should be a weekly review meeting of core - team with Nirmit/ Raju/ SriRam.
Nirmit may consider involving Krishna who is expected to joint on Dec. 9
cc : Abhi
cc : Raju
cc : SriRam
Points/ Questions to be raised/ answered "
    . What is the status of current usage of software - based recruitment systems/ methods/ solutions amongst Indian Corporate? - Among our current / Past Clients?
Does this awareness/ usage differ from
    . Industry to Industry
    . City to City
    . Large Cos to small Cos
What % & which types of Corporate have already installed SAP/ RAMCO/ PEOPLE soft exp packages?
What is their extent of "Lock - In"?
Stage / State of implementation?
How would this affect / impact their willingness/ decision to accept / adopt a "Recruitment Software Package" being offered by 3P? Will they be reluctant? Would they want 3P package to get "Integrated" with their existing EPR system?
 How computer / Internet Survey are Indian HR/ Recruitment Mgrs? What is the extent of Computerization in the HR depts. of Indian Corporate? Are computers primarily used for attendance - record / payroll/ benefit administration/  level - records/ maintenance of annual reward history
 How many (-and what kind of) Companies use computers to create / maintain
      . Employee Databases
      . Resume Databases
What is the satisfaction of their "Search - engines" ?
How many companies have installed/ used, standard / brought - out HRM Software Packages ? at what cost? For how long? Stand along or LAN versions ?
Have any used "Recruitment software Packages" ? For how long? Purchased from whom? at what price? what is their experience ? would they what to buy another / superior package? What additional/ missing features would they want incorporated in such new package ?
Companies who advertise their jobs/ vacancies on their own websites what is their experience so far? What kind of response (No. of applications/ resumes) do they get? Does this response vary with the "level" of vacancy? eg. more for junior/ fresh openings & very little for senior Positions ?
Do they use their websites / web servers, only as a "Resume - Grafting" device or do they have their, end to - end, entire recruitment process taking place on their websites ?
Companies who post their own vacancies on their own websites ?
 Do they also use Naukri / Monster / Jobs Ahead/ Jobtreet/ Job ad/ Sapporna/ Ma Foi etc.  For posting their vacancies ? Do they get better response (quality / quality wise) from these job boards than their         own website?
 Are junior HR/ Recruitment executives / supervisors, more computer - Survey than their older bosses?
 Are these junior executives "driving" the computerization of their HR depts.
Do senior/ older bosses (HR Mgrs), feel threatened by the computer sarvyness of their juniors? Do they resist Computerization?
How do HR depts. "Justify" Computerization of their process? How do they "quality" the benefits of             computerization? What is top - management attitude towards computerization of HR dept?
What % of Junior / entry - level HR executives are qualified as MBA (HRD / Personnel) ? Is there a general trend to hire more & more of these?
If this be the case. should we "gift" , 3P's "Recruitment Software Solution/ Package", to all colleges / Institutions offering Post - Graduate HR/ Personnel Courses? These are future decision - makers and if, they get used to using 3P software package form their college - days, they will, likely, buy / recommend same package when they join a Company ! Brand - loyalty.
How many Corporate (- and which), use psychometric & other similar skill/ knowledge testing "Tests" for their recruitment and if yes, at what "level" ? would they what such "TESTS", integrated in 3P's software package?
There is no sensel point in designing / developing such tests on our own (reinventing the wheel). But if we want to integrate, readily available/ standard packages into 3P software solution, we would need to have "Licensing" with the manufactures.
Obviously, we will need to prepare a list of existing marks and vendors of Indian Recruitment (- and also general HR) software packages. We will need to tabulate & compare their "Features" / their "strong" & "weak" points.
Then, we will need to sharply "question" their existing users about their experiences. Such intense "analysis / dissection" of Competitor's products would enable us to design a superior Product.
We must also analyze "Imported/ Foreign" products being used by Indian Corporate & learn from their              experiences / support etc.
We would need to decide whether to meet / dialogue with HR/ Recruitment Managers, on a one - to - one basis or in a group of ten/ fifteen. May be, we will need to adopt both the methodologies, depending upon which (level) HR Manager would be able to "Continue" most, in which kind of environment. Some may "Share/ reveal" real (poor) experience, only in the privacy of a one - to - one meeting ! A time bound "Schedule" of such meetings must be drawn up.
What % of the firms/ companies are looking for.
    . A separate Recruitment Software Package only
    . A Comprehensive HR Software Package where "Recruitment" Package is one of the modules?
Could we possibly build this software as a series of "Modules" which, a company can buy license over a period of 3/4 years, as its "need" grows and as its budget permits? Could these modules integrate / interface with any existing legacy systems of a Company?
To what extent should as we try/ attempt the "Recruitment Package" (being. Sold/ Licensed) to be integrated with
    . Our Website
    . Our Order Execution System
    . Company's own "Annual Manpower Planning / Budgeting" System.
This (decision) would depend upon
    . Whether we want to make money selling, out - of - lox, recruitment software packages.
    . Whether we want to make money, when User Company is made / forced to give us an "Executive Search Assignment? as a result of using our package.
Shall we market the recruitment package on our own, or can we think of a distribution network of
    . Independent HR Consultants
    . 1000 placement agencies
    . Jobsites (Naukri/ Job ahead etc.)
    . NIPM (National Institute of Personnel Managers)
    . CII / Assoc ham/ FICCI/ NASSCOM/ Inst. Of Engineers / IIPM/ HRD Network / ICS/ ICWA etc. etc.
    . ERA
For each such "Channel", we must ask - & answer -
"Why would they want to do this? What do they stand to gain? "
How would creating / marketing a "Recruitment Software Package" to hundreds of Corporations, help us in establishing 3P as
    . For Executive Search, Corporate India's First Choice ?
If WE, don’t do this, do we for see, Following doing this ?
    . ABC                . Naukri
    . Ferguson          . Jobs Ahead
    . Shilputsi          . Jobstreet
    . PSS                 . Monster
    . MaFoi       . Jobsdt
    . Sampoorna
    . Hewitt
    . Egon Zander
    . Korn Ferry
Vis -a - Vis other competing executive Search firms of India, how are the better (- or worse) placed, in developing/ marketing such a Recruitment Software ?
In which aspect do we score over them & where do they score over us? - as far as development/ marketing of such a software is concerned?
Which of them have (-as compared to us)
    . Better vision / better tenacity ?
    . Better technology (development - skills)
    . Better marketing acumen
    . Deeper pockets (Sustainability) ?
    . Better VC Support ?
    . Greater Client - Base ?
 After 2 months initial
Survey/ Study / dialogue with HR mgrs / preparation of "FINDINGS" - Report/ preparation of "CONCEPT - NOTE" etc,
      . How long will it take to bring out a mark table V 1.0 of the Software?
      . How / where will we "test" it?
      . How will we finance the development/ marketing cost?
      . How will we "price" it?
      . How will we "market" it?
We need to build into our "PROJECT - REPORT", answers to these - and similar - questions, including,
      . do we need VC funding ?
To systematically complete the task within stipulated period of 2 months, we must immediately (within this week itself), draw - up an "Action - plan / Project - Plan", of all "activities" to be undertaken/ completed, by what target date, and by whom.
Unless we set "Bench - marks" & daily measure our progress against these, we cannot hope to achieve the desired results.
In order to collect / compile/ collate/ analiyse, information/ data from selected HR / Recruitment managers, we need to quickly, prepare a "QUESTIONNAIRE".
It should be as far as Possible an "Objective" questionnaire, with "Yes/ No", "True / False" type of questions, or     having questions which require Simple ticking on a scale of 1 - to - 5. Even then, do NTO expect any HR manager to     fill - in this questionnaire ! Best way could be for Nirmit/ Sri Ram/ Raju to ask the questions, across the table, and for Inder/ Kartvya to listen & fill up/ tick the appropriate value on the questionnaire . This is the best method.